FREE Valentine's Printable and Greeting Card

Today I had to go to the grocery store which goes against my grocery shopping rule of never going on Friday, especially to Safeway and really especially before the Friday of any holiday but... Travis just had neck surgery and he needed a few things so being the loving wife I am, I went anyway. 

Upon walking into the grocery store I was bombarded with the strong sent of thrown together flower arrangements, the shiny, giant mylar balloons caught my eye in the fog of red and husbands buying last minute Valentine's Day Cards rushed past me. I immediately regretted going into the store for this exact reason so I grabbed a basket and pretended I was on an old rerun of Supermarket Sweep to get my items as quickly as possibly and leave the store without losing my sanity. 

I know what you are probably thinking, Katie is a real scrooge when it comes to Valentine's Day...well you are partially right... I am a scrooge when it comes to THIS kind of Valentine's Day. You know the commercial, cliche, in your face kind of Valentine's Day. The one where people feel some kind guilt into doing kind or loving things for each other and men in particular have a huge pressure put upon them by society to live up to unrealistic expectations. When Travis and I were dating I told him to not ever buy me flowers on Valentine's Day because that was "the thing to do," but I would love flowers "just because" any other time of the year and thankfully he has lived up to that request. 

The kind of Valentine's Day I do love is one that isn't showy, or over the top but that is thoughtful and from the heart. Hand written cards, homemade dinner and a day spent with your special someone doing something that you BOTH love and enjoy, that is really what the day is about. I am also a firm believer in that Valentine's Day should not be celebrated just one day a year but it should be every day a year.

If you have not yet had time to go and pick out a special card, purchase a gift or maybe you are just looking for something pretty to send your girlfriends I have you covered! In the spirit of love and giving, I am giving you all a free downloadable KMD watercolor heart and also an 8 x10 print. Just print out on card stock, trim down and you are good to go!

Just simple click HERE for the card....

And then click HERE for your 8x10 print. 

Please only use these for your personal use and do not sell or market them as your own. 

I hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day and please, for my sake, continue to share the loving spirit all through out the year just not on Sunday :)

Watercolor Wedding Vows

I am a sucker for anything handwritten (go figure). Cards sent to me from friends, old thank you notes, love sticky notes Travis hides in places for me to find, I treasure all of these and have quite a collection of them. I even still have the note cards Travis wrote out to use in case he froze during our proposal, so sweet!

So when we were planning our wedding it was a no brainer that I really wanted to write our own set of vows in addition to the traditional ones we would be saying. I have a weird love of public speaking so I was excited to do this, Travis was not super thrilled about the idea but once again, did it to make me happy. His were obviously way sweeter and lovey than mine (story of our relationship) but we are both so happy we did this. 

I kept the papers that we read off of on our wedding day, mine tear stained from my bridesmaids (thanks ladies) and Travis's from himself. This is really making me sound like I'm heartless and unemotional... I just kept telling myself not to cry and mess-up my makeup for photos. 

I have been trying to think of a fun way to display these in our house for over three years but have not come up with a great idea yet other than a shadow box which I did not want to do. I decided to keep these in Travis and my memory box and transfer the text to beautiful wall art instead.

I love the way these turned out and am currently looking for the perfect place in our house to display them! 

With summer coming up, so will many anniversaries. These would make the perfect anniversary gift. If you are into traditional gifts, paper is for a first year anniversary and cotton (think cotton paper) is for a second year anniversary. Personally I think these would be lovely for any anniversary or as a wedding gift. OR how special would it be to surprise your fiance with a beautiful handwritten marriage proposal *hint, hint, guys*

Vineyard Styled Shoot With Laura Hernandez Photography

When I attended the Bloom Workshop in California, I met the sweetest mother/daughter photography team who take photos in the Monterey/Bay area but are always willing to travel! Check out their website!

They were asked to do a styled shoot (not a real wedding, a dreamed up one) at a local winery. Laura was kind enough to ask if I would design and take care of the details for the shoot and I of course said, yes! 

The theme was centered around Pantone's color of the year, Marsala. You will see shades and variations of it throughout the shoot and also lots of greenery with touches of gold (my favorite). I boxed off the items and shipped them down to California for the other vendors to play with and style. 

I can't wait to see Laura's pictures and how everything turned out! In the mean time, you will have to enjoy a couple of the photos I took before sending everything off!