Everyday is Earth Day for Farmers

Happy Earth Day! In honor of Earth Day I only thought it was appropriate to give a shout out to farmers because everyday is Earth Day for farmers. 

The other night after making and eating, devouring, the previously blogged about liege waffle, (if you have not made them or read the blog, do so stat), I was feeling particularly fat and sassy (a term my college roommates and I coined whenever we would overindulge OR have PMS)

It was still light and warm out so Travis and I took a walk around the farm so I could burn off some cals. If we are honest though, at the pace we were walking and the amount of times we stopped, I probably just burned off the caramel sauce, ugh. 

Anyway...I brought the camera along and snapped some pictures of the farm from our stroll! Spring is my absolute favorite time, everything is freshly planted, green and things are not quite hectic yet.

What are some things you enjoy doing after dinner? I hope you are all having a lovely evening!

This is baby barley. 

This is more baby barley planted a little bit earlier than the ones before.
Once they grow up they will become malted barley for beer.
Beer = Water + Hops + Malted Barley

A whole field of  barley seedlings. 

Travis looking majestic. He has been growing out his hair during the off season.
I am guessing once it turns really hot it will be gone. 

I mentioned last week the water coming in for irrigation.
Here it comes down the canals, all the way from the mountains.
Our farm is one of the last stops. 

Farmers do not get to have as much water as their heart desires
They are allotted a certain amount each year and also pay for it.
If they use more than their allotment then they have to pay extra...
which can be very expensive.  

Our farm uses conservation techniques to save extra and run-off water.
One way is using run-off ponds like the one above that captures the leftover water. 

And here is another.
Travis also enjoys fishing in them and yesterday suggested
that we buy at automated fish feeder...