More Doing, Less Dreaming

From a very young age I have always enjoyed creating. From sewing clothes, to baking cookies to rearranging my room, you name it, I did it. In college, I majored in Interior Design and Housing Studies, with big dreams of living in the city, designing swanky homes. Reality sunk in once I graduated at the height of the housing recession, meaning, little to no jobs for anyone graduating in my career field. I was able to land a job related to my field but it really was not what I loved. Two years down the road I could not take the cubicle lifestyle anymore and decided to quit (I hate saying that) shortly before my wedding. I figured once the wedding was over I would take some time and find a job that really suited me. A week after I got back from our honeymoon I received an unexpected job offer for a job I never even applied for, that I ended up accepting. Although I have always had “good” jobs, they have all left me with a creative void.
Throughout the years I have constantly found myself day dreaming about working from home, being my own boss and creating lovely pieces for others, however, I was always too afraid to take the next step. One day, while I was feeling particularly uninspired, reading blogs about women my age who were turning their dreams into a reality I finally decided to take the plunge and go for it! After 5 years of dreaming, and not so much doing, Katie Michelle Designs finally was created.

I have a wide range of tastes and interests, which you will also see reflected in my pieces and on my blog. I hope what I share will bring some joy and or inspiration into your daily living. Make sure to follow along on social media to see when new items are added to my Etsy shop, sales and what I am creating next! Thank you for joining me on this journey, I can't wait to see where it goes! Feel free to email whenever you'd like, I would love to hear from you!