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My senior year of high school we took a test, that I can no longer remember the name of, but essentially you answered a million different questions and then were given your top three career choices. They were evidently supposed to be fairly accurate, I am not sure how, but do you know what my top career choices were?
  1. A Nun
  2. Addictions Counselor
  3. Psychologist 
I can guarantee that these are not the normal answers for most high school seniors. I am not quite sure how my test answers arrived at those results. I am Catholic but I have never felt the calling to join the convent. I do like to think of myself as a good listener and I always weigh both sides/options equally so maybe that is where the counselor or psychologist came in? The thing that all three have in common though is service and that characteristic is something to be proud of and be shared. 

I have been brainstorming ways I can give back through my business but have had a hard time coming up with something since calligraphy doesn't really tie into a lot of service organizations. One day it finally clicked to me on something I could do. Many people who use my journals use them for prayer or reflection, so what better way to give back than by giving a portion of the proceeds from each sale to an service organization!

With that being said I am happy to announce that now, a portion of proceeds from all journal sales will be donated to Grandma's House of Central Oregon. Grandma's House is a non-profit home and outreach center, providing safe shelter to homeless or abused pregnant, parenting and adopting girls in Central Oregon. I love what this organization stands for and even more, I love that the girls in these less than ideal, sometimes heartbreaking situations, still decide to choose and believe that everyone's life is precious. 

Jenna Kutcher, who is a Wisconsin photographer, blogger, girl boss, lady entrepreneur extraordinaire, recently wrote a great post about giving back, service and why it makes sense. Read on if you have another minute. 

Interested in purchasing a journal? They are only $12 and have a variety of uses, they even make great bridal party gifts! Head on over to the Etsy shop to snag yours now! Shopping doesn't count if it is for a good cause right?!

Easter Brunch Inspiration and Free Printable

Happy Palm Sunday! Easter is just a week away and I am sure you are all busy making/finalizing Easter Sunday plans. Growing up we usually had Easter brunch after going to mass instead of a "dinner." Sometimes we would go out to a special restaurant or sometimes it would be at home. I remember one Easter when we got home from church and I was so excited to finish looking in my Easter basket. Once we got inside the house, I ran over to my Easter basket (which I had laid in the sun), only to discover that my entire chocolate Easter bunny had melted and all that remained were two, tiny, hard candy eyes. My mom tried to get me another one from the store but it just wasn't the same. Life is traumatic when you are six. 

That story was the inspiration behind my Easter Brunch this year. Instead of doing place cards  I used tiny chocolate Easter bunnies and wrote each person's initials on them with food gel. Make sure to keep them in the fridge if they are going to sit out more than a couple hours, so you and your guests do not experience the same trauma I did. Since white is the color of Easter I used off-white dinnerware and white, tatted doilies as place mats. Tulips scream Spring and Easter so I placed several stems of them in small, mismatched, glass vases. Easy, quick and simple. Scroll to the bottom for your free Easter Menu printable!

Click here to download your FREE Easter Menu Printable. It is in black and white and the menu categories are left blank. Feel free to color in the menu using the medium of your choice once it is printed or leave as is. Please only use for your personal use and remember to tag #katiemichelledesigns so I can see your Easter meal! Have a Happy Easter!