Things I'm Loving Thursday | April 16th, 2015

I know I say this a lot but this week has really flown by but thank goodness since it involved; Tax Day, the release of irrigation water for Central Oregon farmers (which equals random meal times, even earlier mornings and sometimes cranky husbands) and a gardening club project at the Kids Club that quickly went south and left me covered in peanut butter. Although this week had some negatives, I still have some favorite things!

Bip and Bop Jewelry
At the Bloom Workshop all attendees got an AWESOME swag bag. One of my favorite things in the bag was a simple gold initial necklace made by Bip and Bop Jewelry. The owners/creators were also at Bloom and are so sweet and fun. They also have an agate necklace that I have been looking for for over a year, score! You have got to check out their Etsy site!

OMG Olive Oils
My mother-inlaw bought TDawg and I a Cabernet Roasted Garlic marinade from a local food and gift show. The other night I marinated chicken thighs for 24 hours and then roasted them in the oven. They were SO. GOOD. OMG Olive Oils make marinades, olive oils, vinegars and other yummy sauces. I would highly suggest browsing their website and trying out a couple. Also, how fun is their name?

Cabernet Roasted Garlic Marinade

American Odyssey 
I love suspenseful television shows, especially if they involve the government; hence my slight obsession with Scandal. Easter weekend, a new television show in this genre started, American Odyssey. I decided to DVR it and give it a try. There has only been two episodes so far so there is still time to catch up! The jist of the story is about the discovery of an American company who has been funding Islamic terrorist groups and is also trying to cover up an attack on American soldiers who were killed by a contracted company funded by the same group. There is one soldier who didn't die in the attack, who holds the truth but no one knows if she is really dead or alive...dun,dun,dun.... 

Sauced BBQ and Whiskey Bar
While in California I had the opportunity to visit an old friend Daniel, who lives and farms in the central California Valley. We met halfway in Livermore and ate at a crazy good BBQ joint called Sauced. I love menus that keep it simple by having an entree and then you choose the sides. They had brisket ends so that was the obvious choice for me and I chose jalapeno cheese grits and cornbread (does someone like cornmeal?). I wish I could have finished all of it because it was so good. Everything that I saw people eating looked delicious. If you are in the area this is a must eat. 

Fresh Tulips
This can probably go without being said but I am loving the abundance of fresh tulips right now. Since they are in season they are super cheap, I bought three bunches for $12 grocery shopping the other day and scattered them around our house. Fresh flowers always brighten a room and make it feel homier. It is well worth the $4 and will totally brighten your day whenever you look at them.