Happy Anniversary Mountain Man

Today Travis and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary. It sounds cliche and sappy, but it honestly does not feel like we have already been married for three years. Time has flown by but I will be honest in saying that not everyday has been rainbows and puppy cuddles. We have had our fair share of "disagreements," and other misfortunes but those things are all part of marriage.

I have learned so much over the past three years of marriage, about Travis, Travis and I as a couple and also myself. Travis has taught me to not "sweat the small stuff," which is exactly what this secret worrywart needs because in a week or even an hour it is probably not going to be a big deal and if it is, it is probably out of my control.

Largely, Travis has helped me realize that I do not need to do everything on my own. I have always prided myself on being independent and being able to take care of myself, which is a large reason why I hardly dated, which then unfortunately carried over into being married. I have learned that I cannot and should not have to do everything myself and if you ask, you will get help. I have learned that life is so much better walking together hand in hand with someone, and being there for all the ups and downs. He continues to push me to take risks and to not always live life according to a plan because where is the fun in that?

Marriage is truly one of life's greatest blessings but it is also a series of choices and actions you have to make everyday. Choosing to love, choosing to think of your spouse instead of yourself, choosing to do things you do not always want to do, choosing to forgive and so much more. To me, marriage is a verb, not a noun. It is not something that you did, it is an action you are committed to doing every day.

Thank you for your never ending love and constant support Travis. I am so thankful that I get to do life together with YOU and choose YOU every day. Here is to many more moments and adventures together. I love you, you know!

I love looking back at our wedding photos still to this day! The very talented and lovely Hannah O'Leary took them, check her out if you have not before! Here are some of my favorites from the day!

What is your favorite part of being married? If you are not married, what is something that you look forward to once you find that special someone?

Photos and ALL flowers by the talented Collin Kayser- he's for hire

Photo by Michelle Roats