Things I'm Loving Thursday| March 26, 2015

How is the already the last Thursday of March? Time is definitely flying by WAAAYYY too fast. I went over the mountain twice this week to Portland for one day trips so maybe that has something to do with it. Nonetheless here is your weekly dose of things I am loving.

KitchenAid Design Series- Toffee
Just call me Goldmember because, "I looovvveee gooooolllllld." When I joined the KitchenAid family I went for the classic almond cream KitchenAid mixer since I love cream and it would go with everything but, I think this KitchenAid might be my new favorite. It has just the right amount of glam without being over the top and gaudy. It says the color is toffee but in real life I think it looks gold. 

Image result for kitchenaid toffee sparkle

National FFA Organization
Monday wrapped up the final day of the 2015 Oregon FFA Convention and also marked 10 years since I was elected as an Oregon FFA State Officer. While I am not one to live in the glory days or cling to my high school youth I think that the National FFA Organization is often overlooked and underrated even though there are over 610,000 members. It still carries with it a stigma of only being for farm kids who compete in tractor driving contests and take hogs to the county fair. While you CAN do those things in FFA there are so many more opportunities for students. Looking back over the last ten years, being an FFA member was single handily the best choice I made not only as a high school student but also person. Things I learned as an FFA member continue to be some of the only things from high school that I still use as an adult. 

Tasty & Sons/Tasty and Alder
If you are in Portland you HAVE to try one of these restaraunts. They have the same owner and are basically the same but one is in downtown and one is on the east side. We initially saw Salty and Sons on a Cooking Channel show and knew we had to try it the next time we were there. They serve southern/homestyle brunch and dinner and let me tell you, IT. IS. DELICIOUS. We went for small plates and drinks and ordered hush puppies (served with jalapeno honey butter) and their meat and cheese board. All of their meats (smoked, sausage, jerky, ect.) are made in house. We sat at the kitchen bar so we were able to see all of the food orders and I did not see one thing I would not eat. I can't wait to go back for brunch.


Abercrombie Drapey Lace Maxi Dress
To be honest I haven't shopped at Abercrombie in ages because I felt like I was out of the age demographic for the store and I also do not enjoy the complimentary perfume headache I receive whenever I go in. HOWEVER, when I was walking by the store this dress immediately caught me eye and I had to go in and check it out. It is feminine, looks like summer and is also lined which is a major bonus. 

Nuvrei MAC Bar
I generally love most French things, and not just not on a weekly basis. Croissants, Coco Chanel, champagne, Versailles, Crepes, Monet, Notre I need to keep going? When I heard Portland had a Macaron Bar I knew I had to go. It is in the downstairs of Nuvrei, in the Pearl District and also across from the prettiest flower shop, you could smell the blooms over the yummy smells of the bakery. They have different flavors all the time but I would totally get their dark chocolate macaron and salted caramel macaron again. They are not too sweet and have the perfect texture of chewy, soft, crunchy and creamy. They will even box them up beautifully for you. I have got to master macaron making at home.