Things I'm Loving Thursday | April 23, 2015

Today is Thursday which can only mean three things:

  1. Tomorrow is Friday, yayayayay!!!
  2. Scandal is on tonight.
  3. It's time for, "Things I'm Loving Thursday."

PS. I am pretty sure all of these were obvious but whatevs. 

Rose ‘N’ Blum Bubbly Moscato Rosé
A couple weeks ago my dad and brother delivered a batch of malted barley to Napa Valley for a vineyard that is starting to make beer. *Sidenote- you should totally check out Mecca Grade Estate Malts website, I am partial to the History Section).* Since they were in the Napa Valley they obviously had to go wine tasting and my dad was sweet enough to bring back two bottles of wine for Travis and I. One of the bottles was a bubbly moscato rosé that I cannot get enough of. It is bubbly like champagne with just the right amount of sweetness. I could have drank the whole bottle...but then I would have woke up with a major hangover because I am not 21. Unfortunately I do not think you can buy it anywhere in Oregon but you CAN buy it online! Right now it is on major sale, you can get a whole case for $75!! I am highly contemplating this...If you have a wedding coming up this would be perfect for toasting AND it is pink!

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collection
On Sunday my Instagram and Facebook were getting flooded with posts from ladies rushing down to their nearest Target to purchase something from the new Lilly Pulitzer line for Target. Since we live an hour away from Target and I was not feeling that hardcore, I did not hurry to the store, instead I just browsed online at all of the new, cute items. I figured by the time they got to Target the shelves would be restocked and I would also not have to battle women for bar cart accessories or a throw pillow. I am especially loving the house goods and am thinking I need a fun set of glasses for our bar cart this summer!

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Drinking Glasses - Set of 4

I Heart Gluten T-Shirt
I stumbled upon the Prairie Californian while reading an old blog post of hers that was featured on Huffington Post, "10 Farmwife Realities That it is Farming Season Again." I was laughing while reading this because they are all so true, not because they are necessarily funny. After reading her article I felt like we could totally be friends so I went over to her website and browsed for maybe a couple hours...but not in a creepy way. I noticed on her sidebar she had an "I Love Gluten" button (which I loved) and THEN noticed she has "I Heart Gluten" shirts. They come in male, female, kiddo and baby sizes. I am pretty sure I need one. Show support for farmers and wheat industry by getting yours here!

I Heart Gluten T-Shirt

bareMinerals- Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss
I am a lipgloss wearer, not lipstick, however, I do not enjoy overly glittered and wet looking lips. They seem either a little too teenager or a little too street walker for me. I also do not like sticky glosses. Gosh...I really sound picky. Anyway, our awesome swag bag from the Bloom Workshop included five different shades for the Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss from bareMinerals. Their Buxom lipgloss are my go to so I was curious to try these and I was not disappointed. They are not overly pigmented or sticky and also hydrate your lips. My favorite part about them though is the application wand, the sponge is slanted so it is easier to apply and you do not get it everywhere. 

Pink Macaron Kitchen Timer
While my mom and I were at the Bloom Workshop in Los Gatos, California, we walked through all of the super cute shops in their Old Towne. Although Sur La Table is a chain I still love that store. I have been looking for a new kitchen timer to replace my semi broken white one for quite awhile. I did not want to buy another plain one though, I wanted something fun. I stumbled upon this cute, pink, macaron timer and knew this was the one I had been looking for. It is also on sale right now, so if you are looking for one, you are in luck too!

Recipe for Disaster

I have been trying once a week to post one of my favorite recipes or meals on the blog but sometimes things do not always go according to plan. 

I consider myself to be pretty good in the kitchen. I am not saying this in a braggadocios way, I just know that it is one of my strengths and it is fine to admit your strengths! 

The other day I was not making a recipe to share on the blog but was making a normal dinner for Travis and I. I had PLANNED on having one of my favorite meals, spaghetti squash spaghetti and homemade focaccia bread. 

I knew when I got home from work I needed to start the bread so it would have time to rise before it went into the oven. I followed the recipe step by step and placed it to rise with a damp towel over it. Then I stabbed the spaghetti squash a couple times, rubbed a little oil on it and placed it on a cookie sheet in the oven to roast. *Side note- this is a super easy way to cook a spaghetti squash instead of trying to slice it and then cook, all while trying not to slice yourself with the knife because spaghetti squash are so damn hard.*

When it was time to put the bread in the oven, I went to pull off the towel and half of the dough was stuck to it, making the bread skimpy and also the towel a mess. *Another side note- If this happens you want to try and get the dough off as soon as possible and wash, otherwise you are going to have a yeasty, sour smelling mess.* I thought I could salvage the bread so I decided to bake it anyway.

Next came the sauce. Travis is a mountain man and loves being a hunter-gather, I was using homemade Italian sausage made from wild game. Generally I love wild game meat but sometimes it can have a really "gamey" taste and unfortunately this package of sausage did. I thought maybe the spaghetti sauce would mask the taste and it did slightly but not enough for my liking. Another fail.

Terrible photos for a terrible meal.
I pulled the spaghetti squash out of the oven and it had not steamed or cooked inside because I did not have my oven hot enough since I was trying to bake bread at the same time, so now we didn't have anything to put the sauce on unless I made noodles. Then came the bread, it never browned because I was being too lazy to move my oven rack back up the middle. It tasted okay but was not something I wanted to waste calories on.

This is usually what a spaghetti squash usually looks like BEFORE it is cooked. 

Is that raw? Nahh, this is just what happens when you
do not put your rack on the right level.
By the time Travis came in for dinner I was pretty much over the whole dinner. He said we would just go out to eat. We tried going to our favorite Chinese restaurant but they were closed (come on!!!), so we ended up eating at a truck stop diner and I ate my emotions in chili cheese fries, which I then totally regretted later.

Next week I plan on having an actual recipe for you but I wanted to share my epic fail this week. At least the smoke alarm did not go off. 

What is the worst meal you ever made?