Things I'm Loving Thursday | May 28th, 2015

Is today really May 28th?! Seriously, this month has been a blur and I am ready for a little vacay. Today I made a quick trip over the mountain to Portland to do a set of mirrors for an upcoming wedding and also to deliver a box full of goodies to a styled shoot at a new wedding venue outside of Portland. Check out the blog Monday to see photos of those pretty items!

I feel like I need to do double items since I missed last Thursday buuuuuttttttt I am just going to do my usual five for the week because if we are honest, I am running on fumes at the moment. Hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous weather!!

Does anyone have any exciting plans for this weekend?!

Oregon Strawberries
If you are from Oregon and are anything like me you get excited for Oregon berry season. The first round of berries are starting to make their appearance, strawberries. Oregon strawberries are superior to all other strawberries, and that is not me just being a proud Oregonian. They are small, juicy and deep red all the way through. No white tops or insides for these berries. If you are in Oregon, now is the time to stock up. I feel bad making these berries into jam because they are so good by themselves. I am currently thinking of all the ways I can eat them...strawberry pie, strawberry shortcake, strawberry milkshakes...mmmmmmm...

Black Oak Artisans Paper
I recently purchased some of this paper for some calligraphy projects I have been working on and fell in love with it. It is thick, absorbent and so easy to work with and can we also talk about the beautiful deckled edges it has??? Black Oak Artisans was great to work with, delivered quickly and had beautiful packaging. I will be placing an order again with them shortly, I can't say enough great things about them.

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale
The Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale is currently going on, yayayayay! Some items are up to 40% off, which is a steal. I have my eye on this Kendra Scott cuff and am thinking I am going to treat myself and order it. I also love that Nordstrom has free shipping and returns, there is nothing that enjoy less than getting ripped off with shipping! Well there are actually a lot of other things but seriously, overpriced shipping is silly.

Epsom Salt Baths
If you follow along on my Instagram (if not, find me @ktmichelledesigns), you may have noticed that I have a thing for baths. I especially love taking Epsom salt baths and casually refer to them as detox baths. Epsom salts are good for so many uses; sore muscles, stress, gardening...whenever I get sick I always take a super hot epsom salt bath and wake up feeling much better the next day! I mix in at least a cup of epsom salts in my bath water and add bubbles for fun. You can use plain but there are also some really great scented ones. If you use essential oils, add a couple drops of your favorite into your bathwater with the salts. Trust me, this will kick up you bath experience a couple notches.

Epsom Salt Soaking Solution

Celestial Coaster Set
I have been looking for a set of agate coasters for some time now, I should rephrase...a set of reasonably priced agate coasters. When I was in Anthropologie the other day I stumbled upon these beauties. I love that they come in a variety of colors. If you buy them in the store you can mix and match but if you order them online they come in a one color set. I am obviously loving the blush set, big surprise. These would look great on a coffee table or a bar cart!

Things I'm Loving Thursday | April 30th, 2015

The Pink Tumbleweed Rustic Bathroom Redo
If you all aren't following or reading the blog from The Pink Tumbleweed you totally should. They are a group of sisters from Eastern Oregon, also known as the Junk Barn Girls. Alison, who wrote this weeks post is super sweet and has the best ideas. She is currently redoing her son's bathroom and I am loving that she used wood tile for the bathroom counter tops. We recently redid our bathroom and used wood tile for the flooring but it never occurred to me to use it on the counter. Look at how great it looks! Head on over to their blog and check it out, as well as their other projects!! Also, stay tuned because I am doing a special project for a farm wedding (my favorite) they are planning this summer!

Rustic Bathroom Re-do

Jillian Michaels Detox Water
I have not being eating how I normally do/should lately and in turn, that has made my stomach feel crummy. I felt like I needed something to quickly snap my eating habits back to normal so for the past week I have been making and drinking Jilllian Michaels Detox Water, along with eating healthy, home cooked meals. If you browse Pinterest I am sure you have seen this pinned at some point. It claims to make you lose up to 8 pounds in a week. Honestly, I do not weigh myself (we do not even own a scale) and losing weight was not my intention on drinking this, so I cannot tell you if those claims are true or not. What I can tell you is that my stomach feels like it is back to normal, I have more energy and feel way less bloated fat&sassy. Here is a link for the recipe and instructions!

Detox Water from Jillian Michaels

Bliss Body Butter- Grapefruit and Aloe
The weather is getting warmer and which means I can wear dresses without tights or leggings underneath and soon it will also be time for shorts! Winters in Central Oregon always leave my skin super dry, due to the cold, dry high desert air. Hydration and lotion are key to keeping my skin from not looking like an alligator handbag. I am currently loving the Grapefruit and Aloe Bliss Body Butter. It has just the right amount of scent, absorbs quickly and can be used all over. Often times, like around the holidays, you can find mini versions of them to throw in every bag you own.

Stella and Dot Wishing Bracelet
I am a huge fan of Stella and Dot jewelry, especially their bracelets. I like to layer a couple of them together with my watch to create one fun arm party. Sometimes I also like to wear them separate, like this wishing bracelet. I received this bracelet in my Bloom Workshop swag bag and it is soon becoming one of my everyday pieces of jewelry. It is simple, petite and does not get in your way, which is really nice if you spend a lot of time on the computer. You can choose from either an elephant (the one I'm loving), arrow, or horseshoe. They are also adjustable so they fit everyone which is sometimes I challenge with bracelets! Right now they are also running a Mother's Day Special. Go and check out Kara Garavatti's S&D Page to purchase yours! She also just started a blog, Styled with Life, if you would like to follow along!

Gold Cord Elephant Wishing Bracelet | Stella & Dot

Anthropologie- Inked Peonies Wallpaper 
One of my BFFs is expecting her first baby (a girl) in August!! I am so excited for her and can't wait to hold the little peanut! I am helping her design her baby room so I have been browsing anything and everything baby girl. I believe that baby rooms should be designed so they can last more than their first year, preferably for much longer! I love the idea of having a wallpaper accent wall in a baby room. Before you turn your nose up at wallpaper, let me tell you, there are a lot better options than there used to be. There are some really beautiful options and it can look really great if you use it in the right space. How cute would this inked peonies wallpaper look in a little girls room? This wallpaper could easily go last the way until they graduate from high school if they loved it that much!

Things I'm Loving Thursday | March 19, 2015

Happy first day of spring! The days are getting warmer and longer and my seasonal allergies are kicking into full gear, which makes me think spring is officially here to stay! In addition to this lovely weather we have been experiencing, here are some of the other things I am loving this week!

SiriusXM Pop2K Station
I have had some serious driving time this last week and will continue to into next week. This radio station has passed the time in the car, playing practically every great song that came from the years 2000-2009. It is like a flashback to the days of high school dances and Thursday bar nights in college. How can I remember every lyric to these songs but not important things like where I placed all of our tax papers?!

Bread and Wine, by Shauna Niequist
My mother-in-law gave me this book for my birthday and I am now just getting time to read it. The front cover immediately caught my attention, it looks so cozy and inviting, just like the subject of this book. It features some of the author’s favorite recipes from throughout her life and also features a story, life lesson, ect. to go with each one. The author talks about her connection to food and how and why gathering around a dinner table is so important to her and her faith. This is far more than a cookbook, trust me, you will love it!

Chicken and Waffles
Speaking of food...this past week I had my first ever chicken and waffles experience. I have always been apprehensive to try it because it sounded like it would cause major trauma to my sensitive digestive system. Finally though, I caved to the peer/husband pressure and tried this flavor combination. It is crunchy, soft, salty, sweet and every other delicious flavor combination you can think of. While I wouldn’t suggest making this a weekly meal, it is definitely something I suggest trying and that I will not pass by on a menu again. Here is a great recipe from Williams and Sonoma if you want to try and make your own at home!

I love Ellen and I also love a good YouTube video, put those two together and you get Ellentube. Ellentube has been around for a couple months but I recently just started visiting this site. It is also an app you can download for your phone or tablet. It features hilarious, clean and appropriate videos from her show, the internets and ones uploaded from users. If you want a good laugh, definitely check out it out.
Capri Blue Iridescent Jar Candle- Volcano
When I walked into Anthropologie this week the whole store had the most wonderful scent. I just just chalked it up to the euphoric feeling I generally get whenever I am there but then realized they were burning this scented candle throughout the store. I don’t like a lot of scented candles because usually their scents are too strong and overbearing but this candle was so light and refreshing. It has citrus undertones and makes me feel like I am vacationing on a faraway deserted island.