The Best Cold Brew Coffee and FREE Recipe Card

It looks like someone has failed to write anything since they launched their new website...way to go Katie! A lot of great things have been happening and whenever I start to get overloaded my journaling is always the first to go. I am really trying to do better at it, promise. 

To make up for it I wanted to share with you all a recipe for my favorite cold brew coffee AND some awesome FREEBIES!


My last year of college I worked at one of the busiest coffee shops on campus and it is still one of my favorite jobs. I got to work with some awesome ladies and BFFs (hi Lauren and Bee), my boss was adorable (hi Erin), shifts flew by and making coffee is SO fun. Back then the cold brew coffee craze had not hit so we just had our usual iced coffee or iced americanos, I am not going to group lattes or mochas in here, strictly for technological terms. Anyways...moving on. 

Cold brew coffee is kind of the "it girl" right now. You can find it at some of your local coffee shops and Starbucks carries it but only in limited quantities, which I totally get and you will see why in a sec. I should probably rewind for a second and explain what cold brew coffee even is. It is simply coffee that has been brewed in cold water for a long period of time and which then creates a coffee concentrate. Since it brews so slowly and for such a long period of time it takes a lot of the bitterness/acid out of the coffee, creating a smoother drink and more distinct flavor profile. All you really need to know though, is that it is super delicious AND really easy to make!

I whipped up a recipe card for you and some cute coffee art. You can print them off and use them separately, like if you had a coffee bar in your home, just put the print in a frame and you are good to go. Or you can print them off, cut them out and glue them together to create a fun double sided recipe card, totally your call!

This recipe makes around 12 cups and usually lasts us 5ish days. I would not keep it any longer than 5 days because it will start to taste a little off, like most things that sit in your fridge for long periods of time. 

Also, while we are on the subject of coffee, if you haven't visited the Etsy shop in awhile there are 11 new coffee mugs and tumblers! And just for baring with me and reading through this whole thing, I am giving you a 15% discount off of your entire purchase until next Wednesday! Just use code: ILOVECOFFEE at checkout!


I hope you all enjoy the cold brew coffee as much as we do around our house! Let me know what you think!!