Calligraphy Wedding Package Sale- January ONLY

With the rush of the holiday season also seems to generally coming engagement season. Over the past couple months it has been so fun and exciting to hear about so many engagements and see my social media flooded with beautiful images! To me, engagements are almost more exciting than weddings. Sometimes they are a complete surprise, others times not but regardless, it shows that you have both chosen to take that actual step towards marriage.

This year I wanted to offer my engaged clients different package options. There is no one size fit for any wedding but I tried to include items that generally come up or are requested during wedding planning, there is even a package if you are planning to elope! You can refer to the different package options below, or of course they are always listed under “Packages,” on my website. 

For the month of January I am offering a booking special of 15% off your wedding package, which is already a great deal since packages are significantly less than if you were to purchase each item separately. For pricing and to secure you spot, please feel free to send me an email at: Once we check to see if your wedding date is free, we will put you on the schedule and have you pay a 50% deposit and it is as easy as that! This offer ends on February 1st, 2017.

Be on the look out because in the next couple weeks I will be writing about why it is important to hire a calligrapher for your wedding AND also release my new line of semi custom invitation suites!

Calligraphy Wedding Packages

Happy New Year- Choosing to Thrive in 2017

Hellloooo 2017!!

Who is as excited for the new year as me?! Maybe only a few…but I hope not! There were points last year when I was not sure 2017 would ever roll around. While there were highlights from 2016 and I like to count my blessings, it was also a year of lows, struggle and growth. 

For the past couple of years I have chosen a word to live by. Last year, I chose, “Brave.” You may have even noticed that I often wore a gold necklace stamped with the word “Brave.” I wanted to be brave in taking bold risks in my business and personal life. Being brave and in return receiving incredible joy for making that choice. Being brave in not being afraid to fail. All of these I did but I was not aware of how much that word would also play out where I was not expecting it. Being brave when times were hard. Being brave in situations I did not want to be in but had to be. Being brave in trusting that everything would work out. A couple months ago, once life started to slow down, I accidentally lost my brave necklace. While I was upset I lost one of my favorite necklaces, I also took it as a sign that I no longer needed a gentle reminder to be brave because I had been for the past year and I now knew I could be. 

For 2017 I have chosen the word, “Thrive.” I think Travis would say this word is also like, “Winning,” (which he chose because isn’t everything a competition?) but it is not. So many times last year I felt like I was just trying to manage to get everything done and felt like a car running with their low fuel tank light on. This year I want to not just feel like I am surviving the day to day but thriving. I want to find a work/life balance, preferably heavier on the life side. Have more spontaneous trips with Travis. Go on more morning works. No longer be a “Yes Woman.” Serve my ideal client base to the best of my abilities. Take more time to get manicures and massages. Explore my french cooking books. Read just for fun and so much more. 

I know for some 2016 was a great year but no matter if it was a great or not, I challenge each of you to reflect upon the last year and choose a word you would like to shape your year around. This has proven to be more beneficial to me than New Year’s Resolutions, which if we are honest go to the wayside by about week 3. 

To celebrate the new year you will find a FREE January calendar desktop photo and also a phone screen photo. Be on the lookout in your inbox because this year I will be offering freebies every month emailed directly to you. If you are not signed up or have a friend that you know would love getting freebies as well, go to to sign-up for our happy mail delivery. In addition, the Etsy shop will be back open on January 4th so stay tuned!

Whatever stage of life you are in, I wish all of you a happy, healthy and fulfilling New Year. Thank you for being my clients and letting me serve you, while also giving me a creative outlet. 

BIG Hugs,